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I am a writer for the Baltimore Post-Examiner. Here are my latest posts on sexuality:

Positive Sex Ed for Your Child At Home

Sexphobia 101: How our colleges and universities fail their students

Here is my past work for the HuffPost under pen name Justin Forest:

Schoolgirls, Rebellion and Money in Japan: A Conversation With Sharon Kinsella

An Interview With Writer and Child Abuse Survivor Christine Hart

Here I am at HIV Plus:

AIDS and Ebola Panic in NYC: Reflections of a Medical Director

It’s Time to Talk About HIV, Sex, and African-American Girls

  • Why Men Look Series, Part III, Kids Looking at Porn

    July 22, 2020 by

    Dr. Yarington notes that kids learn through observation, but adults’ fear and reluctance to discuss pornography and sex with their kids creates more danger, shame and struggle for children. It’s high time that we treat sex education like any other form of education.

  • Why Men Look: Part 2, Sexualization is Normal?

    July 21, 2020 by

    In this video, Dr. Yarington explores the feminist view of girls and sexualization and the racial and sexual barriers that girls still face in being told to dress and act in restrictive ways that may do more harm than good. He argues that controlling girls dress and video is chasing “symptoms” of a problem, not… Read more

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