Please Dispose of White Trash Properly

Hey, I was once white trash,

Always stricken for some cash;

Didn’t bathe or comb my matts;

Because I was told I was a stupid jackass.

So I dropped out of school, you see;

No junior or senior prom for me;

No loving teen girls,

When I should’ve loved teen girls;

Failure was my destiny,

It was ordained in me,

By me having no cash,

And too few bucks made me white trash.

So I got a black-belt,

Can break a neck with my hands, you see,

And a paper that said GED,

And had 20 jobs; I quit them all, you see.

But I went to ca, ca, ca, ca, c-o-o-mu-u-nnity college,

The same that my mommy and daddy did, you see,

And got me a degree.

My brother said to me, I wish you failed, you see,

Because then you would not leave mommy, daddy, or me.

I keep using “you see” because forgive me,

I am only white trash,

Don’t be being mean to me.

So I got the BS of it all, did a couple master’s ya’ll;

So good that I got into IUP, a nice big third-tier PhD.

Now, now I am Dr. White Trash, you see.

Not good enough for Ivy League, and

Too uppity for all of thee;

Peed on from the top, and screwed over from the bottom.

And I kinda understand a former slave, you see,

A man that taught himself to read,

With a bit of help from a white elite.

No matter what I achieve, I’m a piece of white trash, you see,

Even after going to the Ivy League, and I did shore well, Mee, Maw (though I never really had a grandma);

It’s that way with white trash


No matter how much I know and how much I give, no matter what I write or do,

Gosh, golly, I got a Fulbright and teach at the community college, too.

But the only place for trash like me is a bin that spells “TRRASH”, you see.

Because the number of zeros determines white trash’s destiny.

At least in America, I am f[the following has been censored by the Online Safety Family and Community Committee;

Please make your community beautiful, put TRASH in its proper place]


written by Earl Yarington @2019 all rights reserved

Published by EarlY

I have a PhD in literature and criticism and have taught literature, technical, and research writing for over 16 years. I am also a graduate student in social work in my final year. My focus area is with men that suffered past abuse, sex offending against children and with paraphilia. I will also complete my sex therapist certification by next year as well.

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