Does Thou’s t Die A Nugget or a Chicken

Adobe Stock under license

“Was that chicken aspiring to be a nugget?”

I said to myself,

While driving to a prison in Delaware;

“Or was Purdue not good enough?”

There it lay on its side,

On the side of the divide

Just from the Blue Mountain highway.

“Did it commit suicide?

And jump from that chicken-ridden semi?”

“Can a dead chicken have dignity?

If its Snow-White feathers still shone

Though its innocence gone?”

If I had a choice while being stuffed

Among likened others smothered

In feathers to break through,

Yes, break though the chicken wire fence

And jump to my death I would say,

“Adieu” to your human fondness of

Chicken-meat access and die a chicken,

A white virgin on the side of the road because

It’s better to be a dead chicken and free

than to be nothing more,  

at best, than a good eat,

With only bones left,

Your dog’s favorite treats.

I think I better break through to level-five prison

because we don’t make men nuggets yet.

written by Earl Yarington @2019 all rights reserved

Published by EarlY

I have a PhD in literature and criticism and have taught literature, technical, and research writing for over 16 years. I am also a graduate student in social work in my final year. My focus area is with men that suffered past abuse, sex offending against children and with paraphilia. I will also complete my sex therapist certification by next year as well.

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