The Billionaire Indian

Dedicated to Sherman Alexie

What if there was a billionaire Indian?

Nah, not India, an American Indian?

Would we have white-boy mascots

Surrounded by white-cracker artifact?

Would white dudes be encased

With their gun racks and pickup trucks

In National Museums

In honor of their or is it our traditions?

Would pizza, beer and wings replace

Frybread, beer, and fear

Of the outside,

Or is it the inside?

Would they work for nothing in the red-privilege casinos

selling cigarettes and boos to

All those blanket-white Yahoos?

Would Sherman Alexie be

Washington’s and the world’s

Poet Laureate?

Would they finally see the color of their own skin

And lighten ours to a friendlier shade of being seen?

Would they stop yelling at us for pointing out their offensiveness to us?

I’d think, I’d like that, a Native American Poet Laureate

A storyteller that can dream as much about Billionaire Indians

As a blonde girl dreams of unicorns. 

Nah, not a blonde girl, cute enough to sell stuff,

Or not some raging putrid hate syndrome consuming us

but a Native American

that’s truly one of U.S.

written by Earl Yarington @2019 all rights reserved

Published by EarlY

I have a PhD in literature and criticism and have taught literature, technical, and research writing for over 16 years. I am also a graduate student in social work in my final year. My focus area is with men that suffered past abuse, sex offending against children and with paraphilia. I will also complete my sex therapist certification by next year as well.

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