Girls and Hogs

Adobe Stock under license

Can sex be an addiction?

Can a hog be sexy,

And if a hog is so,

Can anything go?

A curve,

A bump,

A handle,

A cherry



Just before dawn?

Can sex be an addiction,

Then why do we punish it so?

Why is one dousing climaxing

Pleasure with pain a sicko?

I like chicks on bikes,

Girlish ones, with pigtails

Flaring out of hard-headed


Sleek and slight

Curvy bodies


A Piston-pumping


Vibrating every inch

Of her


The delicate but strong,

Taming Lusty Desire,

The danger

Caressing, vibrating just under

Her buttocks.

She strokes the throttle

And lets it explode

Down the road.

If sex be an addiction,

I gladly succumb to it

Only wishing to be a

Hog between some

Girlish driving legs,

Her tempting hands

On my trigger . . .


written by Earl Yarington @2019 all rights reserved

Published by EarlY

I have a PhD in literature and criticism and have taught literature, technical, and research writing for over 16 years. I am also a graduate student in social work in my final year. My focus area is with men that suffered past abuse, sex offending against children and with paraphilia. I will also complete my sex therapist certification by next year as well.

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