Kids Are Not Meant To Be Puzzles: Tales From the Brig

[Reflections from the Brig[1]: Kids Are Not Meant to Be Puzzles] “Is that one over there peeking out?” I say, waving to a gunner. The dirt just under the toenail smiles at me. Or is that a frown? Silly me, I think, I am looking at things the wrong side up. These, though, are independent […]

Please Dispose of White Trash Properly

Hey, I was once white trash, Always stricken for some cash; Didn’t bathe or comb my matts; Because I was told I was a stupid jackass. So I dropped out of school, you see; No junior or senior prom for me; No loving teen girls, When I should’ve loved teen girls; Failure was my destiny, […]

Coming Fast or Slow

I thought he’d come for me, uh huh, Come fast you see But Ebola too slow, and that may be good, uh huh No Ebola No blast of vomit kissing my virgin eyeball, oh yuk No lost chunks on my door knob tempting sticky fingers, you see and flickering tongues, uh nah, It’s the wrong […]

A Once Good Man Lost

I was walking Out for the first time Since then Since, I don’t know when Feeling naked Hearing “cho mo”* Over and Over again. In there Out here Exposed; There’s a list You Looking? Them exposed I looking I clicking Walking quickly Rapid breathing Hear it? It’s “cho mo” Or is it “no more” Who […]

A Beautiful Dancer Magnified

What is it like to be a beautiful dancer Of ballet, of jazz, of modern dance The traditional tutus and gowns the midriff and scantily-liberated playfulness of Dance shorts booty shorts and gymnastics leotards Lace, bobby socks, stockings and stocking-less-ness And dance shoes, boots or bare feet The celebration but visual dissection of the body, […]