Grief, Peanut Butter, and a Border Collie

I cannot even find my picture of you, sitting in your favorite chair, the place you would go to eat your peanut butter sandwich after your walk. Damn you for getting old, for stinking, for dying, you old mop, slopped about the house, black and white, tail curled, licking peanut butter off the roof of […]

The Death of Density

Clickity, click, click On the simple myth Click bait, click bait Why wait? It’s a click or no? A yes or a know? Is that so? What’s the difference really? Spell check, spell check Tell me that. What to Clickity, click, click? We don’t want density But simplicity. I can click a life. I just […]

Black Holes Are Where We Find Them

What if your life was at the bottom of that dude’s cooler? Your eternity, that bit of liquid there, You see it, rolling around the Styrofoam seams Lost, wandering, this way and that way Until it dries up, or the dog licks it In hopes of something better. You, YOUR life and dreams, What then? […]


Should I love my IED That goes off so suddenly Not hidden underneath, But for all to openly see? It’s a love-pain in reverse, Seldom often under earth, Hidden horrors underneath, When strangers plant IEDs. The victims are living canvases At the hands of angry “terrorists” Whose bleeding bleeds through The paining of others, But […]

Kids Are Not Meant To Be Puzzles: Tales From the Brig

[Reflections from the Brig[1]: Kids Are Not Meant to Be Puzzles] “Is that one over there peeking out?” I say, waving to a gunner. The dirt just under the toenail smiles at me. Or is that a frown? Silly me, I think, I am looking at things the wrong side up. These, though, are independent […]