Counterfeits of Love

Words are lovers that never love; Oblivious to the feelings they create; For they may seem real and “tried and true” Yet only in conveying a counterfeit  In me and in you. Words are lovers that words hold back, The gatekeepers of freedom, Enemy of passion, Hater of too Much Lust, Desire, or Any thought […]

The Billionaire Indian

What if there was a billionaire Indian? Nah, not India, an American Indian? Would we have white-boy mascots Surrounded by white-cracker artifact? Would white dudes be encased With their gun racks and pickup trucks In National Museums In honor of their or is it our traditions? Would pizza, beer and wings replace Frybread, beer, and […]

Does Thou’s t Die A Nugget or a Chicken

“Was that chicken aspiring to be a nugget?” I said to myself, While driving to a prison in Delaware; “Or was Purdue not good enough?” There it lay on its side, On the side of the divide Just from the Blue Mountain highway. “Did it commit suicide? And jump from that chicken-ridden semi?” “Can a […]

The Death of Density

Clickity, click, click On the simple myth Click bait, click bait Why wait? It’s a click or no? A yes or a know? Is that so? What’s the difference really? Spell check, spell check Tell me that. What to Clickity, click, click? We don’t want density But simplicity. I can click a life. I just […]

Black Holes Are Where We Find Them

What if your life was at the bottom of that dude’s cooler? Your eternity, that bit of liquid there, You see it, rolling around the Styrofoam seams Lost, wandering, this way and that way Until it dries up, or the dog licks it In hopes of something better. You, YOUR life and dreams, What then? […]